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Author's preface: "I have performed an enormous volume of event and fit video games in the course of my lengthy chess occupation, approximately 2,500 altogether. From these video games, i've got chosen in simple terms 300 for this booklet, - the video games I reflect on my most sensible and such a lot instructive ones.

My aim used to be to symbolize my most precious inventive achievements of the thirty years that experience handed, from 1966 until eventually 1996. the choice was once subordinated to the subsequent 3 standards: robust opponent, demanding struggle, and instructive worth. for this reason this choice of video games may be handled additionally as a contemporary chess guide e-book, as the video games have been performed regularly within the most powerful occasions of the final thirty years.

Under this sort of strict choice technique, many attention-grabbing and instructive video games in addition to easily attractive fragments may have necessarily been lacking during this booklet, if the video games have been integrated into it in simple terms fullyyt. for this reason, the ultimate bankruptcy includes a variety of my top combos and finals that are crucial for attaining the abovementioned aim; with no them, this paintings may were incomplete.

I nonetheless play much and nonetheless in attaining match successes, so it'd be untimely to simply accept this ebook as my ultimate account. I essentially wish to play a few strong video games in upcoming occasions and to elevate my very own account of event triumphs (I have over one hundred forty of them lately - greater than any participant in chess history). despite the fact that, such a lot of chessfriends had expressed their wish to have this ebook right away that i made a decision to arrange this kind of an intermediate record on my 30 years in chess. permit interpreting this paintings deliver you excitement and enhance your figuring out of chess internal common sense, intensity and beauty."

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Tg5 gives White nothing: 8 ... te3 l:te8 1 3 l:tad1 lLlf5 ! te6. lLle7 8 lLlbc6 9 0-0 38 Skopje 1976 J. g4 10 :et Both sides are making their own moves, seemingly with little regard for the other. The battle is being fought around the critical d4square. If Black manages to ad­ vance his central pawn to d4, he will have a reasonable game. If, on the other hand, White can guaran­ tee control of this important square for his pieces, his advantage from the opening will not be in doubt. e3 would now be a mistake because of 1 l .

LLlg4). g4) 1 9 . . e2 l:td4 21 b3 (in order to establish the bishop on c4). g4 This severely weakens the posi­ tion of the black king. 'i'c7, escaping from the pin and connect­ ing the rooks along the back rank. txd7 21 'i'c4 (D) So, the queen has arrived at her appointed destination. 'i'e6 22 1fxe6 fxe6 23 l:taf l . 22 l:td2 'i'e7 23 l:tO! xf8 l:txf8 Black has active counterplay. ••• 8 lbd7 18 In the event of 1 8 . . 'Mi'e6, White could have developed the initiative ••• 32 Leningrad Ct (9) 1974 The d-file does not matter; the d8-square is securely covered.

Fl (or 3 1 lbe3), then 3 1 ... c5, and there is no way of saving White from mate by the rook. lJxe4 The Open Variation of the Span­ ish, one of the most popular open­ ings in both my matches with Korchnoi for the world chess crown. One could almost write a whole book about the games we played with this opening. In this encoun­ ter, for the first time in our theoreti­ cal dispute I managed to use an extremely valuable novelty in this variation. g4 1 2 . g6 has the same value. h5 14 g4! g6 (D) In opening manuals at the time this position was said to be totally in Black's favour.

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