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The flow is driven by the motion of the plate, by a pressure gradient in the x À direction, and by the gravitational force g. The constitutive equations of the fluid will be specified below. A steady laminar flow is assumed with the velocity field: vx ¼ vðyÞ; vy ¼ vz ¼ 0 ð3:7:1Þ This is a special case of the flow presented in the previous section. It is further assumed that the fluid sticks to both plates, which provides the boundary conditions: vð0Þ ¼ 0; vðhÞ ¼ v1 ð3:7:2Þ The acceleration is zero and it follows from Eq.

1) are given by the Eq. 25). 25) imply that a top layer of the fluid film flows as a solid plug. The thickness hp of the plug is determined from Eq. 25) are now combined. Because dv=dy is negative, we write the result of the combination as: dv qg sin a sy ¼À ðh À yÞ þ ; dy l l y h À hp ð3:9:18Þ Integration, followed by application of the boundary condition vð0Þ ¼ v0 , gives: ! sy qg sin a h2 2y y 2 À vðyÞ ¼v0 þ y À ; y h À hp h h l 2l ð3:9:19Þ À Á s2y sy h qg sin a h2 À À v1 ¼vp ¼ v hp ¼ v0 þ l 2lqg sin a 2l vp is the plug velocity.

For fluids it is convenient to express the coordinate stresses as a sum of an isotropic pressure p and extra stresses sik : rik ¼ Àpdik þ sik The symbol dik is called a Kronecker delta, named [1823–1891], and is defined by: 0 & 1 0 1 for i ¼ k dik ¼ , ðdik Þ ¼ @ 0 1 0 for i 6¼ k 0 0 ð3:3:18Þ after Leopold Kronecker 1 0 0A  1 1 ð3:3:19Þ Thus dik represent the elements of a 3 9 3 unit matrix 1, which in the coordinate system Ox represents the unit tensor 1. The extra stresses sik are elements in the extra stress matrix T 0 : 0 1 0 1 sxx sxy sxz s11 s12 s13 T 0 ¼ ðsik Þ ¼ @ s21 s22 s23 A ¼ @ syx syy syz A ð3:3:20Þ szx szy szz s31 s32 s33 The extra stress matrix T 0 and the extra stresses sik represent in the coordinate system Ox a coordinate invariant quantity called the extra stress tensor T0 .

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