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By Jon Rappoport

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I first realized that there have been many hugely credentialled scientific researchers tough the HIV=AIDS speculation in 1988, and i've been heavily following the controversy ever considering. Jon's publication covers intimately the full saga of the talk, and with no the contrived hypothesis of conspiracists, sincerely finds an unheard of modern day commercial scandal. even if the publication used to be released over 15 years in the past, its contents are as actual at the present time as they have been whilst it used to be written. somebody who's fascinated with any means with HIV/AIDS may still learn this ebook.

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This of course leads one to infer that the isolation of HIV here was done by simply growing the sample Montagnier and the French team had just sent us. That there was only one sample. Well, during this workshop, I was standing out in the hall, speaking with a Nobel prize winner, an American, and I told him that we needed to tell these reporters about the identity of these two isolates of HIV, that there was something bad going on. And this man said, "Please don't do it. " He's a self-righteous person who thinks he's the guardian of scientific propriety.

They only exist in the journals. Like kuru virus. It's highly specious. Q: In other words, you're saying, since we don't understand how visna plays a role in malignant sheep disease, then there's no way to make a parallel to HIV. A: Yes. Visna is a case in which there isn't (virus production). When the animal dies, you can't find the virus anymore. To analogize HIV latency with visna latency is imagining you understand visna latency. Q: Do you think there are researchers out there, people who are thinking, "I'd really like to say in public I agree with Duesberg, but I don't want to.

THE INNER SANCTUM OF THE LABORATORY Several independent researchers have looked into apparent outbreaks of what's now been called simian AIDS (SAIDS) at primate research centers around the world, during the 1970s. The National Antivivisection Society of London has published the results of some of these researches. The book is called Biohazard, and it is a very interesting look at monkeys, not in the wilds of Africa, but within the wilds of medical research labs. A common practice in that self-contained world is shipping monkeys and their diseased tissue specimens from primate center to primate center - and, in the 70s, this may have contributed to a series of animal disease-outbreaks whose symptoms resembled some of those later listed under the definition of AIDS: diseased lymph nodes, enlarged spleen, opportunistic infections such as staph, pseudomonas, shigella, and wasting away.

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