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By János Aczél (auth.), János Aczél (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783034890960

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LIEDL, R. , Die Losung der Translationsgleichung mittels schneller Pilgerschritttransformation. Grazer Math. Berichte 314 (199 I), I-54. , Sur les decompositions invariantes du demi-groupe du groupe abelien lineairement ordonne. Wyz. Szkola Ped. Krak6w. -Dydakt. No. 69 Prace Mat. 11 (1985), 119-145. , Some class of solutions of the translation equation (Polish). Kieleckie Studia Mat. 5 (1989), 23-55. , On an extension of solution of the translation equation from a subsemigroup onto the group. Zeszyty Nauk.

MATH. GYORGY TARGONSKI (1) Building on results of S. Sternberg, N. Lewis and E. Peschl, L. Reich looked for criteria ensuring the existence of analytic iterations for given FEr and given choice i\ of logarithms of eigenvalues of the linear part of F. (F{){ E C is called analytic if the coefficients gr in r{ (x) = r E N~ gr(t)x" are entire functions. The problem was solved by L. Reich and J. Schwaiger using the L (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) normal forms under conjugation in r in particular the smooth normal forms for 1.

Xmn) column vectors XI .. Xk ... I(X I ) .. k(Xk ) ... n(Xn) z' F(gl (X;), ... , gm (X;"» 1 1 G(fI(XI),··· In(Xn)) = G(ZI' ... , Zn) = G(z') that the "diagram commutes", that is, (1) where Xk is the k-th column vector, xi is the j-th row vector of the matrix X = (Xjk)' Clearly this happens exactly if the above functional equation has solutions. If the output values can be added (Aczel-Eichhorn, unpublished, but compare [4], [5]) then F(YI> ... ,Yn) = YI + ... "totally separated" then it may be possible to choose also the other aggregator functions as sums and we get G(XII + ...

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Aggregating clones, colors, equations, iterates, numbers, and tiles by János Aczél (auth.), János Aczél (eds.)

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