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Chlorination removed fishy odors, probably by oxidizing amines, but increased the occurrence of earthyImusty odors. Ozone removed most odors but sometimes added a sweet or fruity residual, and PAC removed muddy tastes and odors. GAC removed some tastes and odors, but the GAC influent was relatively taste and odor free due to the effectiveness of ozone. These results were consistent with the laboratory study and the literature reviewed. GAC, PAC and ozone would generally be expected to remove tastes and odors more effectively than chlorine-based oxidants, and coagulation should have little effect, as was observed.

Finally, in the event of catastrophic pollution events, the raw water intakes can be shut down and water from other sources can be delivered through a highly interconnected distribution system. Summary and Conclusions A laboratory study and a literature review were conducted to determine the most effective conventional pretreatment processes to remove low molecular weight organics, including priority chemicals and organoleptic compounds. The processes evaluated were primarily aeration, oxidation and powdered activated carbon.

Under water treatment conditions, chlorine probably plays a minor role in organic oxidation, and substitution reactions as previously described are favored [16]. Therefore, in addition to producing some oxidative degradation products, chlorination generates chlorinated organics. In addition to adding to the carbon chain, chlorine can add to the nitrogen of organic amines in aqueous solution [18]. Chlorination of methylamine is one example of this: (12) As the strength of the base increases, the rate of reaction with HOCI increases.

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