A tectonic model for the Tertiary evolution of strike–slip by C.K. Morley PDF

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Fossil evidence suggested that before the vertebrates and invertebrates, no life had existed. A first era had existed with only simple invertebrates. It was followed by strata containing more complex invertebrates, then simple vertebrates, like fish, then amphibia, reptiles, mammals and finally man. Life had a progressive history. No genetic relationships between the different types of animals were as yet hinted at; the scale was a static, created one, with many divergencies within the overall series.

28 The Idea of Race in Science By the 1830s, and certainly by the 1840s, phrenology was already on the wane in European science, though it still had many years to run as a popular movement, particularly in the United States. 32 The localisation of brain functions claimed by the phrenologists proved to be too imprecise for describing the observed behaviour in animals, nor, as Young shows, did they correspond with the details of cerebral anatomy as described by other neurophysiologists. 33 But while the conclusions drawn from phrenology were ultimately found to be wrong, its influence was long-lasting because its fundamental principle, that individual function must correspond with different parts of the brain, was accepted by most biologists.

It was possible. said the phrenologists. for two brains to have identical weights. yet be composed of such different organs that the faculties of the two individuals would be totally different. iO As the years went by. of course. neurological science did not discover the organs of the brain predicted by the phrenologists. But phrenology fed into racial biology less by its specific results than by focusing attention on the skull and by introducing many new instruments for measuring the skull. In 1869 the great French anthropologist.

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A tectonic model for the Tertiary evolution of strike–slip faults and rift basins in SE Asia by C.K. Morley

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