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By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

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In fact the founder of Stoicism was a Cyprus-born Phoenician named Zeno (333-261), whose stoa poikile (painted porch), where he lectured in Athens, gave the name to the school. Zeno spoke Greek with an accent and was called Phoenician by his contemporaries. His Republic projected an ideal state having no national boundaries and comprising only full citizens with wives and properties held in common. The hope of universal brotherhood and international peace held up by his Utopia was the one for the realization of which men of good will have ever been striving.

Again Darius barely escaped with his life. But he did not escape assassination two years later by two of his own people. The dynasty, founded by Cyrus the Great some two and a quarter centuries before and raised to the peak of its might by Darius the Great, ended. A Macedonian proclaimed himself the legitimate heir. Not content, the indefatigable conqueror continued farther south and east to India and Afghanistan, whence the murmurs of his exhausted men forced his return. Babylon was the stopping place.

Exchange in commodities went hand in hand with exchange in ideas. Precious stones from central Asia, spices from India, frankincense from Arabia and slaves from all these and other lands found their way into the West, passing partly through Lebanese ports. In Lebanon itself the lumber industry flourished as in Pharaonic days. Grape wine and olive oil industry became more lively. Glasswork maintained its primacy. Blown glass was invented probably there toward the end of the Seleucid or the beginning of the Roman period.

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