New PDF release: A framework for immigration: Asians in the United States

By Uma A. Segal

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Even if stereotypically portrayed as educational and monetary achievers, Asian american citizens frequently stay in poverty, underserved by means of human providers, undercompensated within the team, and topic to discrimination. even if frequently perceived as a unmarried, homogenous workforce, there are major variations among Asian American cultures that have an effect on their adventure. Segal, an Asian American immigrant herself, analyzes Asian immigration to the united states, together with immigrants' purposes for leaving their international locations, their charm to the united states, the problems they face in modern U.S. society, and the historical past of public attitudes and coverage towards them. Segal observes that the profile of the Asian American is formed not just via the immigrants and their descendents yet by way of the nation's reaction to their presence.

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As historians underscore, a significant connection often exists between the past and the present (Nehru 1946). c. Through the centuries, a distinctly Chinese civilization emerged with a unique philosophy, language, writing, and art, and it has persisted to the present. China long viewed itself as the center of the universe, calling itself Zhongguo, or the Middle Kingdom, and it saw little threat from surrounding societies that it perceived as being barbaric. Of particular concern about Chinese history is that often Chinese scholars have experienced pressure to interpret the past in conformity with the political imperatives of the present (Roberts 1998), and historians and social scientists have raised probing questions about the state of historiography in China (Shinn and Worden 1994).

Such strengths help immigrants conquer the numerous hurdles in the transition from the familiar to the alien. Readiness of the Host Country to Receive Immigrants A receiving country’s readiness to accept immigrants in general or a single immigrant group in particular is itself a complex matter. When immigration is viewed as inextricably bound to a nation’s political, economic, and social well-being, as well as to its future security interests, it is more likely to be welcomed than if it is not.

To balance the negative effects of being of the “wrong” race and skin color, immigrants may need to have a number of other assets. Particularly useful are professional skills, language competence, and psychosocial strength. When immigrants fill a need in the society and can contribute to its well-being, skin color may not constitute as major an obstacle as when they have little perceived value to the host country. Furthermore, although indications are that skin color universally defines “foreignness,” regardless of specific culture, identity, behaviors, or network affiliation (Reitz and Sklar 1997), the “appropriate” skin color may not preclude prejudice and racism (Hickman and Walter 1995).

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