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B4 Nbd7 with complicated position, Topalov,VAdams,M/Linares 1999/1/2-1/2 (41). Shirov has returned to the traditions of the nineteenth century! Bc5 A novelty. Peter is developing his bishop on c5 before placing his pawn on d6. Ne2 d5! Ne2 As often happens in Shirov’s games, his pieces are moving toward the opponent’s king. This knight took a fancy to the f5square. cxb3 d5 Black has good compensation for the pawn. d5!? Leko is in a hurry to strike up some play in the center, because the e2-knight hampers other White pieces.

Black’s position is hopeless. Bb2 Black can postpone checkmate only at the cost of further losses. Black resigned. Kasparov plays the brilliant final flourish! Grischuk introduced a dubious novelty in the opening and transposed into an endgame with opposite colored bishops down a pawn. He had some drawing chances, but in order to save the game Sasha should have demonstrated good technique and tenacity. Black’s 30th move showed that the young Muscovite still lacked these important components of the game.

Apparently Garry calculated that White’s attack was not that dangerous. Maybe he knew it already! By the way, this position occurred in the game Kovacevic – Ilinic (Yugoslavia, 1994). Kb1 Na4 This position (by transposition) emerged in the game Nevednichy – Badea (Romania, 1994). It is hard to break loose from the grip of theory! g5 Ndc5 A novelty! Black is methodically transferring his cavalry closer to the white king, ignoring the standard c4-square. h5 and White obtained a better position. Ng3 Both parties use the cavalry.

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