New PDF release: 1995: A New Beginning for the NPT?

By Joseph F. Pilat, Robert E. Pendley (auth.), Joseph F. Pilat, Robert E. Pendley (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461357993

ISBN-13: 9781461357995

ISBN-10: 1461519470

ISBN-13: 9781461519478

As a follow-up to Beyond 1995: the way forward for NPT released in 1990, this compilation offers the most important concerns to be addressed on the 1995 NPT evaluate and Extension convention. popular educational and diplomatic specialists from all over the world give a contribution unique essays and tackle questions reminiscent of: - Will the NPT be confronted with a primary challege to its lifestyles? - Will the treaty be allowed to lapse? - Will states withdraw? - Will the NPT be succeeded by means of another treaty or regime?

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Such control would be particularly critical for complex problems, which definitely need international cooperation for their solution, for example, the disposition of plutonium, waste management, and final waste disposal. NOTES AND REFERENCES I. IAEA, GC(XXXVII)/RES/619. 2. " (A/48/42, Annex II, para. ) 3. IAEA, GC(XXXV)/RES/567. 4. IAEA, GC(XXXVII)/J 075, para. 28. 5. , para. 32. 6. Much can be accomplished here through interagency learning. The IAEA, in principle, could consider some new aspects of verification (such as challenge inspections) provided for by the Chemical Weapons Convention.

2 It is possible to argue that the NPT represented the superpowers' determination to exclude any further thirdparty meddling in the very serious nuclear confrontation between them. This point of view explains the arrangements to give special status in the NPT to the five countries that had produced nuclear weapons or conducted explosions before January 1, 1967, as well as the reason why France and China refused to participate in the treaty until 1992. Sometime in the 1970s the Soviet Union realized the scale of its gap in nuclear war-fighting capabilities with the United States, and decided to devote an increasingly significant portion of its national resources to the buildup of larger and more efficient warheads, more and better missiles (both of medium and intercontinental range), and more capable fighter airplanes and supersonic bombers?

8. 6 million for safeguards. 9. A similar approach was suggested for financing UN peacekeeping operations (Financing an Effective United Nations. A Report of the Independent Advisory Group on UN Financing, sponsored by the Ford Foundation, 1993). 10. See Tadeusz Strulak, "The Nuclear Suppliers Group," The Nonproliferation Review, vol. I, no. I, Fall 1993, Program for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute ofIntemational Studies. II. , p. 10. 12. At the request of a large group of IAEA members, this text was issued as agency document GC(XXXIV)/INF/291.

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1995: A New Beginning for the NPT? by Joseph F. Pilat, Robert E. Pendley (auth.), Joseph F. Pilat, Robert E. Pendley (eds.)

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