1938 AVRO Chess Tournament by Robert; Dale Brandreth; Sherwood PDF

By Robert; Dale Brandreth; Sherwood

167 pages, hardback

Full notes to all of the video games PLUS a few first-class images and broad remark at the prelude and aftermath to this nice occasion, the most powerful match ever held as much as that time.

The AVRO event was once held within the Netherlands in 1938, backed via the Dutch broadcasting corporation AVRO. the development used to be a double round-robin event. The 8 gamers mostly considered as the most powerful on the earth took half: global Champion Alexander Alekhine, former champions José Raúl Capablanca and Max Euwe, destiny champion Mikhail Botvinnik and challengers Paul Keres, Reuben fantastic, Samuel Reshevsky and Salo Flohr.

The annotations are clean and bear in mind the commentaries through the good contestants themselves through the years. they're incomparably larger than any past notes.

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PKt5 ? 2. PR4, when Black's ch. K x P 8. PKt7. pawns are blocked. --QS P-X-'-B7 2 P-l34 7 K-Q2 P-87. White sces but cannot avert the threat White resigned dter 8. PKt5. 8. PQ6 ~ h K . P,-B8=Q ~ h . 8. K x Q P-,-R8=Q ch. I. MINOR PIECE v. iny, 1656. We shall not consider knights and i bishops srparatdy, hut will sliow in a 1 comparative study their diRcring charactcristics. The bishop has mom mobility for it may cross the board in one move, and a greatc* r a n g for it map contrd squares at a distance.

P-XS R - 4 3 (dse 1 1. PRfr) If. 1 Whitc a rook's pawn with bisho~of the wrong cotour, but White can oftin avoid this. I R K I Tha c o m t plan b first to shield thn advance of the 'good' pawn as fat as possible. H the RP is moved up it becomes a Ifis effective decoy, Black capturing it sooner. 1. f K S ? BK7 2. BK8 RKtS brings about a position which occurred in the game Gaglidze r. Kaspafyal (Tiflis, 1929)3. KO8 KKR3 4. RQ7 B x P 5. PK6 KKt2 6. PK7 KBJ 7. BK8 B08 8. BB7 W i t e wins I (the bishop cannot at o m to KRS, I 1X MINOR RECE ENDlNGS and loses a vital tempo) S .

6. KtxKt stalemate; or if 3. KB7? KtKt4 ch. 4. KK7 Kttl6. 3 ... R-Ktl 4 P-B4 K-R I S K-B7 Kt-Kt4 ~ h . 6 PxKt. 124 Whitet$prwpwts with bishops I n general a KIP is not so favourable, although it has =me winning charms; but zgtinst a BP oar QntreP the defending knight opemtes at full strength on either side of it, and in wosaquenm usually draws. Whm Black's king is on the far side of the board White has wiraiag chams with an unmoved RP, or anot too backward KIP; but bas charms with B BP w Centre P uniy if it is already far advand.

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1938 AVRO Chess Tournament by Robert; Dale Brandreth; Sherwood

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